About Us

Speedy Accessories is a brand designed and manufactured by Speedy Accessories Limited., one of the largest distributors in the UK. Speedy Accessories Limited has been distributing & manufacturing new technology accessories since 2016 (Further details about Speedy Accessories Limited can be found on www.speedyaccessories.co.uk)

Established in 2016, Speedy Accessories inherits years of design and manufacturing experience. The brand was created with the vision of bringing good quality, good value, and practical accessories to consumers looking for protective solutions for their gadgets, be it smartphones, tablets, smart watches or any other emerging new technology.

Everyone in the Speedy Accessories team has a passion for tech, we all love what we do and enjoy designing and developing accessories that will offer style, protection or functionality to your device.  From exclusive products to advanced innovations, we carry a wide range of accessories that include Cases with unique features, the slimmest Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, affordable essential Bluetooth & Power accessories, and compact Display Mounts.

As our innovative spirit continues to drive the Speedy Accessories culture, our aim is to ensure we understand consumer needs and continue to develop products that protect or enhance the technology you use in your everyday life.  We know that this would not be possible without our customers who are the most important part of our business. So, we welcome your feedback and invite you to get in touch with us through email or social media.